Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wreck Diving

So I have ten minutes left before class, so this is a quick one! These photos are blurry because I don't have a great underwater camera - yet! I hear that it's all about the flash. Please leave comments if you have any advice about a good, reasonably priced underwater camera. So this was my first wreck dive - the St. Anthony. And, yes, I penetrated the wreck! However, it's a very SMALL wreck - she's a 65' shrimper. Some of you may recognize it. Jerry Garcia (The Grateful Dead) donated money to have her sank off of Maui in 1997 to create an artificial reef for the beautiful sea turtles that live in the area. She's a great wreck for first time wreck divers.

There's a great story about this wreck as well as information on how to contribute to the Maui Reef Fund available at

I also want to urge anyone new to scuba to NEVER penetrate a wreck without proper training. Wreck diving is a separate certification, and the conditions are so much different. This little shrimp boat only had one inside area to penetrate that was maybe 8' x 8' and I followed an instructor who was a certified wreck diver. However, there have been tragic consequences when people try to penetrate wrecks without being prepared. Some of the problems can include getting lost inside the wreck and being unable to "follow your bubbles" to the top, stirring up silt and losing visibility entirely, and running out of air and being unable to ascend. That being said, if you are properly trained and prepared, I hear that it's a lot of fun! I would like to get wreck certified!

This other photo is of me with some gorgeous angel fish near the wreck. They suddenly surrounded me, and it was amazing!

Please feel free to share your wreck diving stories - after all - it's WRECK WEDNESDAY!

Hugs and fishes,
Jenny Mo

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Wow, seeing a wreck must have been exciting!