Saturday, June 14, 2008

Shipwreck Discovered

Two men have claimed to have discovered a very old shipwreck - the HMS Ontario, a British 22 gun warship that was lost in 1780 during the American Revolution. The men, Jim Kennard and Dan Scoville, have not disclosed the location, but have spent $100,000 on equipment and 3 years searching for this "holy grail" of shipwrecks. The ship was lost when a sudden gale swallowed it. Lost for over 200 years and now it has been discovered. Brilliant. Approximately 5000 shipwrecks have been discovered in the Great Lakes.

The men have explained that the ship is still considered a war grave (120 souls were aboard when it sank) and belongs to the British government. When I first learned of the HMS Ontario, it reminded me of our first year exam in Real Property because we had a similar fact pattern- interesting to analyze who might have a rightful claim to anything aboard the ship. Click on the title of the post to read more and see a grainy photo of the shipwreck.

Sorry we haven't posted in a long time. The bar preparation is intense! However, we're all trudging along and looking forward to an August dive trip and more time to post!

Hugs and fishes,
Jenny Mo