Thursday, April 17, 2008


So the girls and I only started this blog four days ago, and we're excited to see that we've had visitors from all over the world. Welcome everyone! One thing you may not know about us is that between us we speak about 7 languages - some better than others! So feel free to post comments in any language and hopefully it will be one of the languages we know. If not, we'll just pretend we know it, and respond in English with something generic like, "Right on!"

Today's post is all about REEFS and how incredibly magnificent they are. One of the most incredible SCUBA experiences is a wall dive - that's scuba speak for diving along the side of a reef (it looks like a wall) as opposed to descending to the bottom. You'll have to forgive me for posting about Molokini yet again, but I have a lot of pictures from there, and it's a diver's paradise! Molokini is a volcanic crater, and the back wall drops down to depths of 300 feet. It's also home to 250 species of fish, so you're sure to see a lot! Also, it's advanced enough for the most seasoned diver, but it still has plenty of entry-level diver areas for those who are newly certified. This is me diving along the wall (still in my first fins, and still not sure what to do with my arms).

What's incredible about reef diving is how the colors change with the visibility. You may be able to see the reef from a hundred feet away or more, but once you get up close, the colors are astounding. The reef looks great from any distance, but once you're within a few feet, the colors are so vibrant that there's nothing like it on solid ground. If you look at Wikipedia for "reef" - you'll find lots of really big words like "Permian-Triassic." As law students, we're used to big words, but these geologists and oceanographers do not mess around. According to wikipedia, the biggest threats to the coral reefs include overfishing, pollution, and shipping traffic. There are lots of organizations you can get involved with to help protect our reefs and have fun diving while doing it! Check out and for more info.

This last shot is a sunset on the Maui shore near the dive site. The clouds accumulate over the other side of the island (near Ka'anapali and Lahaina).

Hugs and Fishes! Jenny Mo

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