Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hi from Z

Hey There,
This is Rosette aka Zette, aka Z. I’m so excited about a scuba community that we are trying to create. I have three fabulous friends-some of whom you have already met! We are all law students interested in Scuba.

I grew up in Africa. The heat of the tropics turned me into someone who LOVES being in the water. I started my scuba certification process ages ago. I watched videos and had a guy come to my house to teach me about all the funky equipment and then – never did the underwater training. Sometimes life just gets too busy and things slip by.

But after I graduate – MAY 16, 2008 BABY – I’m going to start from fresh and get my certification. I can't wait to get into the water. I mean – let’s be honest ladies – the idea of being weightless sounds good – and we can do it without having to go to the moon:)

Well – it’s been fun sharing little bits of me with you. Unlike Kari – some of us have to study to keep our grades up. But – I look forward to sharing my certification process with all of you and I encourage anyone who isn’t certified yet to get on it. Hey – we can do and online team thing. I don’t know – we can check on our progress and stuff. Just a thought.

Hugs and Fishes,
Looking forward to blogging with you soon,

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Harry Blalock said...

Hi ladies, Kari left a comment on my blog about some of my diving pics, so I decided to check yours out as well. I added a link to your blog on mine, I called you 4 scuba chicks. Please feel free to put a link to mine on yours if you'd like to, it's at