Friday, April 18, 2008


The thing is - I love sharks - but I don't want to be anywhere near a hungry one. I mean it! They might not want to eat me, but hey, even I sometimes eat stuff I don't want when I'm hungry. Stuart's Cove is one of the most famous dive shops - especially for shark diving in the Bahamas. They take the divers out to the feeding spot and explain that the divers must keep their limbs tucked close to their bodies at all times because a shark could mistake an arm for some chum (AARRGH!). Anyway, they descend, kneel at the bottom, and a guy comes down with a box full of chum, and when everyone's ready they open the box and are suddenly surrounded by 40+ sharks! I'm glad it was fun, but I'm seriously in no rush to experience this. Has anyone else done it?

It's FRIDAY! Our first week on the web is coming to a conclusion, and thanks so much for giving us such a warm welcome. I have to be honest about today's photo - I was nowhere in the vicinity. Instead, I was lying in the sun at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas in these really cool cabanas that have plasma tvs, mini bars, private bathrooms, and you can even get a massage. My friend went on the dive, took the picture, and told me all about it. I was a tiny bit jealous, but not enough to jump in with that lot!

Hugs and Fishes!
Jenny Mo


Psycho Solo Diver said...

Someone got killed a while back on one of these dives.

Here is the article

Nothing dumber than "lets chum the water for sharks and jump in the water."

Darwinism at its best!

TwoTank said...

Let's face it - in shark infested waters, you're no longer at the top of the food chain so I find it's best to not tempt fate (or creatures with really big teeth).

Jenny Mo

Mikey said...

Nice site, ladies......did the cold water version of the 'feeding shark frenzy thing' a few years ago [2001], back when San Diego still *had* sharks to play with.


Now, alas, the shark population has been so decimated locally, that when chummed, they no longer come....and San Diego Shark Diving is out of business and has moved to Mexico.

So sad about the sharks......the ocean's top predator, so sleek and graceful is fading least in this part of the world.

Wish I had cheerier news....keep up the great blog, ladies and feel free to return to Rapture of the Deep at your convenience.....

TwoTank said...

Thanks Mikey,

I wonder if global warming or environmental issues have contributed to the decline in the shark population off of San Diego. There certainly doesn't seem to be a shortage in the Bahamas!

Jenny Mo