Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quest For The Perfect Body

Do you want to look H-O-T now? Forget about all those crazy diets which force one to forgo delicious treats, get yourself a super tight wet suit. I am a firm believer that the wet suit camouflages most imperfections. The form-fitting garment creates the illusion of a perfect body; it sucks all the spoogy bits in & keeps them from spilling over one's bathing suit (please observe man in black speedos sans wet suit). Seriously, the wet suit can make one look 15 pounds lighter!!! Besides the slimming qualities, the wet suit is super comfortable and it imparts an added element of self-confidence to the wearer. It is the ultimate must-have for 2008

hugs & fishes,

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Anonymous said...

this is hilarious! this is the funniest blog i have read since DJ ninja and the flaming chewbaccas! i am going to wear a wetsuit all the time. to the gym. to the grocery store. on dates. under my clothes at work. wetsuits rule!