Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Romper, Then & Now

Are you looking for the perfect apres-scuba outfit? Something which will look stylish & sexy but will travel easily? The romper is a classic choice; honestly, it doesn't go out of style. First appearing in 1910, the romper is a one-piece garment usually worn for play. It comes in two varieties: shorts or skirt! (as modeled by myself then & now, respectively)

It can be slipped on over your bathing suit & since most rompers are terry cloth, it's like wearing a flattering towel. It doesn't wrinkle & you can shove it in your scuba bag where it won't take up much space at all. It goes from the boat to the bar with ease.

Come on people, who doesn't want to wear an outfit which embodies the sense of fun shared by childhood & the pursuit of scuba. I promise that your romper outfit will be a big hit!!!

hugs & fishes,


TwoTank said...

I myself own a black terry cloth romper for apres-scuba. It's fantastic! Good call! I always wish I had a "scuba caddy" who would wait for me on the boat and be ready with a big, plush terry cloth robe as soon as I get out of the water. But failing that - the romper works great!

Hugs and Fishes,
Jenny Mo

TwoTank said...

Traci you were the cutest little girl EVER!
XO, Kari