Wednesday, April 30, 2008

TwoTone: SCUBA Tan Lines

Fellow Blogger Maldives Live commented on the post "Loosen Up," saying that the mask mark is not as bad as the scuba tan. I'm inclined to agree, so I'm posting a photo of what can happen when you leave the bottom half of your wetsuit on and unzip the top half and scrunch it down on the boat ride home! As you can see, top half - fabulous, bronze goddess tan. Bottom half? Dita Von Teese. Note to self: Always take wetsuit completely off after the last dive.
Hugs and fishes,
Jenny Mo


Gunnar said...

Kind regards to the four Mermaids from an old diver in Sicily.
Ciao Gunnar
Scuba Sicily

Phil Ellis said...

Well, I think you tan looks great. There is nothing better than a "diver tan". Thanks for visiting my blog. I am going to put yours on my regular reading list. Thanks again.

Phil Ellis

Psycho SOlo Diver said...

"Always take wetsuit completely off after the last dive."

I completely agree! I wish I was one of those lucky passengers.

Video Dude said...

Hi Gals!
Thanks for adding me to your neighborhood and the kind comments on my blog. If you gals ever to the Fort Lauderdale area, look me up. We'll do some diving on the "cool" local spots!

Doug "The Video Dude"