Saturday, June 19, 2010


TwoTank is now on Twitter! Come follow us for all things SCUBA! And please let us know if you're on so we can follow you, too.


Look forward to seeing you there!
Jenny Mo


Bali B said...

Hi Two Tank

Love the blog and i'm following your tweets! i'm trying to get as much support as i can from Fellow Divers,

I thought you might find this to be kinda cool for your blog. I shot this entire animation on my iphone 4 for a competition to change my life and become a dive instructor in Bali.

I'm trying to get as much support as i can so i've started a twitter account called!/Bali_B and i'll be uploading new animations shot on my iphone every month till march as a kind of animation diary of Bali B's attempt to change his life and become a dive instructor.

you can watch the video here

Please Please i need your help and votes on youtube all you need to do is click like on youtube
and maybe retweet about my campaign to change my life.

again thank you for your help


scuba said...

i agree this the greatest video i've seen about free diving!