Thursday, March 5, 2009


I've just booked my next dive trip for the spring, and we're going to Belize.  It's my first time there, and I can't wait to get back into the water.  I'm ready to plan dives and adventures, so any tips are welcome!  Click on the title of the post to read an article about a new dive shop at Las Terrazas resort in Belize.  I'm not staying there, but it sure looks nice!

Apparently Belize is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world as well as the Great Blue Hole that can be seen from outer space.  

Hugs and fishes


Jeff said...

I hear that Blue Hole is the entrance to an underwater alien city.

Have fun in Belize! I would love to go, but I am poor. Keep us posted.

By the way, hows lawyering?

bigsoxfan said...

Spent a couple of weeks in Belize on the keys near the blue hole. Didn't have a dive card, then, but I'll vouch for the inshore waters being pure and clear. Enjoy.

TwoTank said...

Thanks for your comments. I'm hearing mixed reviews of the Blue Hole, but I'm consistently hearing great things about the surrounding dives.

Looking forward to your experiences!

Diver Daisy said...

How exciting! I too would like to make it my next dive trip but that just doesn't look like it will happen. I can't wait to hear about your hotel and the dives! Have fun:)

reuben said...

Haha, it was a toss up between Belize and Utila for this month's trip and Utila won out for me, leave this Friday. Take lots of photos, still hoping to make it out there this year. Enjoy the trip!

Anonymous said...

We dove Belize on the Aggressor a couple of years ago and had a great time. The Blue Hole is an O.K. dive, but I had more fun in the shallows--there were lots of juveniles of every fish imaginable there! If you've never done a Liveaboard, you need to try it! Lots of great dives, great food and lots of great dives!!!

Anonymous said...

Jenny, Belize and specifically San Pedro is the place I visit every year in last four years – great food, people, vibe and of course diving. Blue Hole in Belize is just a place you don’t want to miss, it is one of the places that you must visit if you are serious about diving. This said do not expect that it will be the greatest dive of your life, it is actually boring and relatively uneventful if you do not count bull sharks swimming very close to you.
I agree with one of the previous comments, the dives after the Blue Hole are spectacular. Due to distant location of this dive sites the riff is in pristine condition and you will see more fish than in your one week stay in Belize. The two dives that follows Blue Hole dive is something that I am always looking for.

Have fun on your vacation and if you like to find out more about San Pedro Belize visit my website and review some of the photographs from there. the gallery called Belize.