Sunday, February 22, 2009

At the Movies: TAKEN

TAKEN - a new action movie starring Liam Neeson - is currently in theaters.  Luc Besson, the son of two scuba diving instructors, is one of the writers of the screenplay.  What caught my eye in this article is that Besson directed a diving film called "The Big Blue."  Has anyone seen it?  Has anyone seen "Taken" yet?  

I haven't seen a lot of great diving films, but I'll be checking out "The Big Blue" as soon as I get the chance and will report.  Nice to be back in the blogosphere.

Hugs and fishes, 


Diver Daisy said...

yes, welcome back. I was beginning to think maybe you lost interest in diving or something worse.

Zim said...

big blue is a great movie.

cool blog you got going here

Joel the K said...

I have seen "Taken" with Liam Niesen. sp?? It is a so-so film. A bit unbelievable at times, but steady action and likable main charactor. The worst part is, the mega-wealthy sickos actually buy and sell human beings as if they were livestock at the auction. I want my daughter to see this film, so she can see the kind of tricks these sick bastards use to capture girls. This film is good for that purpose. It could save lives.