Saturday, July 12, 2008

My vacation: COZUMEL?

Hi Everybody!

I am looking to book at dive vacation after the bar exam is over, and I've been considering a few different destinations. I am seriously leaning toward Cozumel, although the Cayman Islands is a close second. I have also considered Fiji, but it may be too expensive. If anyone has any experiences of Cozumel they want to share, please leave a comment! I look forward to your thoughts.

Hugs and fishes,
Jenny Mo


Laura said...

I love this site! Have you checked out It's a new social marketplace site (think: Facebook meets eBay) where members post reviews of their favorite destinations, get and give feedback on where to go, and can even swap housing or find vacation rentals? If you haven't taken a look, you definitely should! Good luck on the bar!

PogueMahone said...

My wife and I went to Cozumel in Aug of 2007 and stayed at the Occidental Allegro.
The diving was good. Vis was great and plenty of wildlife. The dive master was pleasant as well.

The bad thing about the Occidental was the food was horrible. Almost inedible.

We're planning another trip to Mexico. Maybe Cancun.
Does anyone know of a good all inclusive resorts that have dive facilities on site? Maybe the all inclusive thingie is not a good way to go, but we like it's simplicity.

Thank you

Ari said...

Must be very nice in cozumel during these months. Review of the dive please if you don't mind..:)

TwoTank said...

Hi Poguemahone.

I am not going to an all-inclusive, though it was tempting. I will definitely check out the Cozumel scene and report back, though. I'm excited about the diving, but we're also going to add a trip over to see some Mayan pyramids which should be amazing. There's also talk of cenote diving - jumping into a big hole in the ground and diving through caves.

Also - American Airlines is offering some serious deals to Cozumel right now for travel between September 2 and October something. I saw airfares as low as $161. There's a sale on flying to the Caribbean and Mexico.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll be reporting from Cozumel soon!

Jenny Mo

TwoTank said...

Hi Ari -

I'll definitely be checking in from Cozumel and reviewing the dive sites! Thanks for stopping by!

Jenny Mo