Sunday, June 22, 2008

i need a wife

TwoTank friends, family, & lovers -

I am going crazy with bar studying, although I may have been there before. But that is a post for another day with more time to "dive" into my neuroses, ha ha ha. That's just it, there cannot possibly be enough time in the next 5 weeks to get everything done & continue to sleep & exercise.

Basically, I need a wife. I don't mean a liberated post-feminist wife, I need the perfect 1950's housewife who will clean my apartment, do the laundry, iron my sheets, make my lunch, & have a hot, healthy dinner on the table every addition to running any errands that may need to be completed.

Here are some photos of my high-school friend on her scuba trip off of Catalina Island. Enjoy!

Hugs and fishes, Traci

1 comment:

Psycho Solo Diver said...

I bet you're glad gay marriage is legal in California, huh?

Yes, you too can have a wife!