Friday, May 30, 2008

Keeping Time

The title of this post links to an article about a new Rolex watch that can be used while diving. It's called the Rolex SeaDweller Deep Sea, and it looks amazing. It got me thinking - first, I need a watch. It's one of the mandatory pieces of gear that divers must wear on all dives. I have been naughty, though, and I admit I haven't really worn one lo these many scuba years. I have a nice watch, but I think I need a cheap and cheerful one that I won't worry about at depth. Am I wrong?

According to this article, the Rolex Sea Dweller deep sea is waterproof up to 12,800 feet! This is truly a beautiful watch. However, I'm curious - what kind of watch do you wear when diving? Are dive computers replacing dive watches? Is the money better spent on a dive computer, a dive watch, or does a diver need both these days?

I haven't invested in a dive computer yet because I always just count on my buddy or the dive master since my only experience is with groups of divers. However, I'm definitely going to get my own before my next dive trip. So feel free to post away about what kind of dive computer and/or watch you recommend.

Hugs and fishes,
Jenny Mo


Psycho Solo Diver said...

I had a few dive watches and the worst one leaked on my first dive, the other two flooded after about 25 dives or so. These watches were in the $80-$100 range.

Yes, dive computers are replacing watches.

Now, I go to Rite Aid, buy a $20 "Water Resistant Watch" that's good to 100 feet (but it warns you not to submerse it in water) - and it keeps a tickin' for 20 or 30 dives before I need to replace it.

Also, keep your dive watches out of pools! It ruins the seals! That could have been my problem with my previous watches.

Kenneth said...

Hey. My wife and I dive with and UWATEC SmartCOM dive computer. We love it. It keeps track of our tank supply, it accounts for both normal air and can be set for varying Nitrox mixes. It keeps track of your dives and can be uploaded into your computer to form an electronic "dive book". It even calculates and keeps track of your surface intervals and "no flight" time. Great piece of equipment and I wouldn't dive without it. The only issue... no watch feature. You have to time your safety stops by either watching your RBT (which is displayed at all times) or with a separate watch. That's pretty much the only down side.

So at this point I'm probably going to by a cheaper dive resistant watch for time purposes only.

I hope that helps at least a little.


David Fricks said...

Hi Jenny,
I dive with a first generation Oceanic "Atom" dive computer that I wear as a wrist watch regularly. I'm actually on my second Atom since I had the first one replaced when the display started acting screwy. (after over 100 dives)

On the plus side it has all the features you could ever want. It switches between up to three gases that can be set to any nitrox mix all the way up to 100% O2. It can also monitor up to three optional wireless pressure transmitters. I prefer an old fashioned spg but its nice to have options.

the down side of the Atom is that it drains batteries on like they are going out of style. I have two friends that also have Atoms and we all have at least two extra batteries in our gear bags at all times.

Most people say nice things about the Suunto Computers. Maybe you should consider one of those.

reuben said...

Just discovered your guys' blog, and have to say Great Stuff! You'll probably see comments from me in the future.

As far as dive watches go, well, I have one, but I don't dive with anymore, there's no point in it. Dive computers have totally replaced them. As a dive instructor I tell all my students that it's good to know the tables, you never know when a computer might go awry on a trip, but a computer gives you a safer dive and gives you more time underwater in the long run.

If you have the cash to get the Rolex why not take it and invest in a good dive computer? I just reviewed the Oceanic Datamask on my blog:

and I've been diving it for a few months now.

Hope this comment helps out. Feel free to ask me any equipment, or dive related question you want. Oh, and good luck on the Bar Exam!!!

reuben said...

sorry, here's the link to the review:

let me know what you think.