Saturday, April 12, 2008

Girls Who SCUBA!

SCUBA * SCUBA * SCUBA * SCUBA * SCUBA * SCUBA * SCUBA SCUBA * SCUBA! Welcome to TwoTank. For those of you who dive all the time, you know what that name means:) This is a collective blog by four girls about to graduate from law school who love scuba! We are four friends who cannot get enough of the beach and the ocean, but we have different levels of scuba skills.

This is Kari, but in other blogs you will hear from Jen, Traci, and Z. Jen is the pro and has been on some really amazing, beautiful dives. Traci is the wild diver in the bunch and has been on some really exotic dives... I can't remember the names of the places, but she'll fill you in when she logs on. Z and I are the babies ... I've finished half of my certification (complete with a lake dive!!!), but due to law school, I haven't finished yet. Z is in about at the same place. After graduation (May baby!), Z and I are going to get our certification and you will hear all about it here at TwoTank. We will definitely be seeking some advice from the big boys out there that have been on the pro circuit for a while :) Meanwhile, Traci and Jen will be able to tell some awesome tales about the dives they've done while we've all been in law school. And more importantly, we need to get the scoop on the best dive spots! We are planning an all out girls trip and we want to know where we should go.

We are hoping to create a scuba community here at TwoTank - we are looking for advice and friends... maybe even some dive buddies! So, first question: after I take the bar, I am going to do some traveling... among the dive shops in the USA, what is the best place to get certified? How can you tell if you are working with a "good" dive shop? Do all certification processes take the same amount of time? AND, where can I get the cutest wet suit?

Thanks for your help!
Hugs and fishes,


Anonymous said...

This is great! I've been thinking about getting into scuba for years and I think I am getting close to taking the plunge :) Looking forward to hearing about your certification process and anything you think is helpful for starters.


Harry Blalock said...

Hi Kari, thanks for the compliment on my blog about my pics. I think that since you want to do some traveling anyway, you should come over to the tropical island of Saipan to get certified and I'll show you some of the most amazing scenery you can imagine. If you want to know more about Saipan, just let me know, I'd be happy to fill you in.

reuben said...

I'm assuming you're based in Southern California, right? There are tons of great shops out here, I've worked with most of them and you really can't go wrong. I'm actually an instructor myself, but the next class I'm teaching isn't until September, since I'm leaving to Fiji in a few days. I don't know how soon you're looking to do the certification, but let me know if you have any questions, concerns..etc...etc... and I'll try to help you out as best as I can.

Best way to know who's a good instructor is to interview them, meet them, and see how they operate and their attitudes. If the shop is clean, and the people who work there are nice, and fun, then the class will probably be fun as well. You can do a dive certification in as little as 4 days, depending on your comfort level and ease of learning. I teach most of my students in 4 days.

As far as dive sites... there are TONS of them in Los Angeles County alone. I, and a bunch of shops I work through, host dive trips all the time, so any time you're looking to go underwater, shoot me a message and I'll try to hook you up somewhere.

Good luck to all of you with the Bar Exam and with your underwater adventures!

reuben said...

BTW, here's the link to my blog: